How to Choose a Lawyer? A Gainesville, Florida Divorce Lawyer Shares

How do you choose a lawyer for your divorce or timesharing/child custody matter? What things should you look for in an attorney who practices family law? These questions will be answered by an actual Gainesville, Florida divorce lawyer who practices in all areas of family law, including child custody, child support, alimony, and asset division.


  1. Compile a list of substantive questions about your family law matter – the divorce or child custody lawyer you speak with should be able to most of your questions.
  2. Review the each divorce lawyer’s website to find out about their credentials and personal philosophy.
  3. Determine how long the divorce attorney has been in practice and how much of his/her practice is devoted to family law matters. Keep in mind hourly rates will likely reflect the number of years the attorney has been in practice.
  4. Go with your gut. If you are put off in the slightest by your potential attorney, consider looking elsewhere. One of the most important factors is whether your divorce or child custody lawyer have a good rapport and can communicate with each other.

Choosing a divorce or child custody lawyer can be a terrifying experience. Not only are you faced with dire circumstances relating to your divorce or family law matter, now you’ve got to hire someone who can represent your best interests. This post should shed light on how to choose the right divorce lawyer for you.

First Discussions with Potential Divorce Lawyer

During your first communication, you should have a list of substantive questions for the potential divorce lawyer. If he or she has trouble answering many of the questions, consider moving on. However, understand that some questions are very fact dependent and complex, so a straight answer might not be readily available. However, make sure your potential divorce or child custody attorney can provide you the analysis that must take place to answer your questions.

Researching Attorney Credentials Online

Most family law attorneys these days have a website with their profile. You should google search your divorce attorney to find out their educational and professional background, discipline history, and how long the attorney has been in practice. Keep in mind that most divorce attorneys charge by the hour, and the more years an attorney has been in practice, the higher that attorney’s hourly rate will likely be.

Listen to Your Gut Instincts

At the end of the day, how you feel towards the potential divorce attorney you hire is a huge consideration. You will be spending time and money on this person and this attorney will be representing you in court. If you don’t like how the attorney looks, smells, dresses, talks, etc., talk to other attorneys and see if you can find a better fit. There is no shame in shopping around. After all, it’s is all about you as the client! As a practicing Gainesville, Florida divorce and timesharing/child custody attorney, I hope this information has been useful.



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