Gainesville, FL Child Support Attorney

Nick Hamm is a child support lawyer in Gainesville, Florida.

Child support is calculated in Florida based on the following:

Net Incomes of Parents
Amount of Overnights per Parent
Amount of Health Insurance paid for the minor child
Amount of uncovered medical expenses paid for the minor child
Amount of daycare paid for the minor child

Calculating child support in Florida takes all of those factors and combines them in a calculation to reach a child support figure. Many times, a child support calculation might have been done incorrectly because the parties were not aware what should be included.

Many times, child support will be calculated after a divorce or pursuant to a child custody determination.  Also, if your parenting plan is modified, it probably means your child support should change as well.

Other times, child support is calculated at a hearing involving the Department of Revenue, Child Support Enforcement Agency. In Florida, the Department of Revenue is tasked with establishing and enforcing child support for children who receive state services such as food stamps or medicaid.  If you are involved in this type of proceeding, it is important to understand your rights as it relates to child support.  Gainesville, Florida child support lawyer Nick Hamm can assist you in determining the other party’s income, whether that person is voluntarily underemployed, and explain your options in settling or taking your case to trial.  Further, an attorney can advocate on your behalf in Court to ensure you are treated fairly.

Gainesville, Florida child support lawyer Nick Hamm knows how child support is calculated and can help make sure you are being treated fairly. Call him at 352-888-6142 today for your consultation. If you’d like to see more information, check out The Florida Family Law Blog.

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