Gainesville, FL Divorce Lawyer (Dissolution of Marriage)

Nick Hamm is a tested and dedicated Gainesville, Florida divorce lawyer.  He understands the process of divorce in Gainesville, Florida and knows it can be a complicated, emotionally charged process.

At the Law Office of Nicholas S. Hamm, we offer compassionate, competent representation to our clients every step of the way during their divorce.  Whether utilizing negotiation skills in family law mediation, or litigating your case in court, Nick Hamm is a Gainesville, Florida divorce lawyer that understands your story and can passionately represent your interests.   At The Law Office of Nicholas S. Hamm our motto is “It’s All About You” and that informs every decision that we make in providing the best legal service we can.

The divorce process is initiated by the filing of a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage.  Initially, it is necessary to complete extensive discovery to locate and determine what assets should be divided.   A divorce attorney should sit down with you and determine the best course of action thereafter.  We encourage you to contact Gainesville, Florida divorce lawyer Nicholas S. Hamm by phone at (352) 888-6142 or through this website to discuss your unique situation.

A child custody determination is often part of the divorce process.  Gainesville, Florida divorce lawyer Nick Hamm can advise you and fight for your rights as it relates to child custody/timesharing.  It is important to have a divorce lawyer who understands your issues and can adequately represent your interests.

If you have assets that were acquired during the marriage, it is very important to understand how those assets may be affected after divorce.  Gainesville, Florida divorce lawyer Nick Hamm has the experience and knowledge to help protect what you’ve worked hard for.

You may have questions such as, What Happens to My House After Divorce?,  How is Child Custody Determined in Florida?, or “how are my assets divided?”  Gainesville, Florid divorce lawyer Nick Hamm has the answers to your divorce questions.

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